Liz is a performer, celebrant and award winning burial ground owner. Her unique insights and experiences have created a highly original and beautifully cathartic show, combining mercurial tales and miraculous truths, collected over the years from life’s finishing line.

Funny, wise and taboo busting; Outside The Box confronts the ‘Elephant in the room’ with grace and humour, asking its audience to embrace mortality and look on the bright side of life, with a weave of untold and surprising stories, a hint of history and some pithy commentary on the funeral industry (from one who knows!).

I loved this show! I can’t think of anything quite like it. Liz manages to talk about something that affects us all, but we never talk about. She makes it both every day and profound, and moves us to laughter and tears. She also empowers us, not in a wishy washy way, but with real concrete recipes for action. It’s a really useful show. She could be the Mary Berry of death!

Mike Kenney

Olivier Award Winning Playwright

‘… this [book] gives you directions and permission to have the death you want.’ – Phil Hammond, NHS doctor, broadcaster, writer and comedian.

It will come as no surprise that due to the COVID 19 situation the 2020 tour is cancelled and we hope to be re-scheduling all shows and performing again in the autumn, or when is safe to do so. Liz is also available in 2021 for literature festivals either live or online reading from her book and in conversation with the audience or other experts.

However, the exciting news is that, drawing on the 350 stories Liz has gathered through four years of touring with the show and also using additional material, PCCS will be publishing her book Outside the Box – Everyday Stories of Death, Bereavement and Life on Thursday November 26th 2020. For more information click here.

The best way to buy the book is from the publishers at PCCS HERE. Postage is free in the UK. It is also available from Waterstones and Amazon and from all good independent bookstores

“A remarkably refreshing and important show, gently dancing on the line between playful irreverence and necessary solemnity” Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Festival 2016

“I’d like to see it performed in every Fringe Festival and every village hall in the UK!” Zelah Senior, Brighton Fringe 2016

“Incredibly uplifting and often very funny…delivered to the audience with compassion and understanding.”  Swindon Advertiser 

“A poetic and gently humorous performance that dispels our misunderstandings about the etiquette around death and reveals the possibilities and alternatives to convention and ritual, that may no longer feel true to our own lives and those we love. All those who work in Palliative Care should see this AND so should all those who don’t. Put it on your bucket list now.”  Dr Anna Hume, Hospice Doctor


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