Just experienced Liz Rothschild’s monologue on death.  She says it all and wowed me with her range of experience and expertise at telling it like it is with humour and clarity in the right proportion. Long may she reign!

Paula Rainey Croft

Founder of Heaven on Earth, Bristol.

Outside the box is a life affirming, empowering and entertaining show, during which Liz Rothschild deals with some difficult topics whilst making us laugh – and pause for thought. The audience (ranging from teens to octogenarians) was held captive as Liz told her stories. There was something for everyone to learn along the way, and we were allowed to think for ourselves. Liz showed us the vast variety of ways in which people deal with death, and by doing so, gave us all permission to be ourselves.

Dr Jo Withers

GP, Finity

After 30 years as a GP the stories from Liz Rothschild’s Outside the Box struck a chord with me. The performance was entertaining and thought-provoking, and the human narratives delivered with humour and compassion. I would highly recommend it both to health workers and non-health workers alike.

Dr Mary Welsh